Termes and Conditions

About Us :      Patchwork-Quilt Mother's Dream

                                owner/designer : Shizuka Miyaji


                      address : 2-45 Hirokouji, Tajimi, Gifu, Japan 507-0833

                      e-mail : quilt@s-mothers.net

                                 phone/fax : +81 572 24 3811

                                 website  http://Mothers-Dream.jimdo.com



Tax/Shipping Charges :

All our prices are shown non-inclusive of Japanese Consumption Tax (5%) unless otherwise indicated.

The shipping charges vary according to your country/area, and upon receipt of your order, we will reach out via email with information about the shipping charge together with the relevant tax amount.


Payment :        by PayPal

We encourage you to process payment within 10 days after your order; otherwise, your order would be dealt with as cancelled.

The goods will be shipped upon receipt of your payment.


Return policy :   If you have a problem with your ordered item that is damaged or defective, they will be replaced free of charge, or refunded, upon your notification. Please contact and notify us immediately should you have such a case.


Important information :

                      Due to the limitations of color printing, image colors may vary from actual fabric colors, with certain colors (such as reds) being particularly difficult to reproduce. Use the images on this online shop only as a guide, please do not use them to color match fabric.



The designs and patterns presented on this website, as well as all our products themselves, have been COPYRIGHTed, and so it is understood that you agree not to copy these designs and patterns or cause them to be copied directly or indrectly.